St. Paul's Third Party Event Fundraising

TELUS Business Team donates a bili-blanket

The TELUS Small Business Team would like to raise money to donate a bili-blanket, a life saving device used to treat Jaundice in newborns, to the St. Paul’s Maternity ward as part of the May TELUS Days Of Giving Project.

The idea came about when the son of Marc Harutunyan (Leo) was born on Aug 22nd at St. Pauls and needed to be treated under the lights for jaundice for 5 days. At that time, he discovered the hospital only had a few sets of lights available but only 1 bili-blanket. Not all children can sit under the lights and some have very severe jaundice and so they require the bili-blanket. 

Marc wanted to fundraise to purchase another blanket for the hospital because it is such an essential piece of life saving equipment that will save many babies. 

St. Paul’s has an over one hundred-year history of leading the way in patient care, teaching and research for the people of Vancouver and British Columbia.

We would love your support. Please make a donation today!

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