St. Paul's Third Party Event Fundraising

Electronic Dialysis Chair for North Vancouver CDU

My name is Carol and I am a 70 year young lady and I have battled kidney disease for the past 50 years. I have now come to a place in my life of needing hemodialysis three times a week for four hours each time. I have been in dialysis for more than a year and have had several complications due to my health situation.

I have experienced severe and debilitating back pain and often cramping and other effects while "being in the chair". The chairs are old and torn and do not adjust and we cannot move to relieve any discomfort and stiffness. Having a chronic kidney disease and back problems is challenging enough but spending 4 hours in a torn and antiquated chair that you can’t adjust is torturous. The chairs are also very difficult to sanitize and clean.

We have one electric chair in the unit out of 10 chairs. Most patients with chronic kidney disease have also chronic back pain. I ask you not only for myself and the other patients but the staff as well, to help us acquire some new chairs.

These new chairs are electrically adjustable and have three separate sections, such as a separate leg rest, seat and back for maximum safety and comfort. The backrest is designed to support cardio pulmonary resuscitation if needed. The chair has a long service life, low maintenance costs and because of the “snap on, snap off concept” is easy to maintain and clean.

We would love to replace all 9 of the old chairs in the unit. The cost of each chair is $7,000.

Would you consider supporting me and help to replace these old chairs? 

Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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