St. Paul's Third Party Event Fundraising

Walk for Love

Our "Walk for Love" fundraiser, benefiting the Virani Pacific Adult Congenital Heart Program (VPACH) at St. Paul's Hospital will take place on Saturday May 20, 2023 (Victoria Day long weekend). This year we will be hiking Mt Maxwell on Salt Spring Island in BC.We invite you to join and help support this cause that's very near and dear.

After being touched by the services and the dedication that the VPACH Program at St. Paul's gives to those who suffer from heart diseases, our family would like to contribute to this wonderful team, to say thank you!

Heart disease in Canada according to the Public Health Agency of Canada is the 2nd leading cause of death in Canada. Affecting men and women differently. Men are 2 times more likely to suffer a heart attack than women. Also men that are newly diagnosed with heart disease are about 10 years younger than women (55-64 vs 65-74 years of age).

Cardiovascular health and disease has come to the forefront of healthcare in recent years, as the burden due to these diseases and related conditions has increased over time in an aging population. Public health strategies are focused on reducing the impact of cardiovascular conditions through education and interventions targeted at decreasing the modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, many of which involve lifestyle and diet elements.

Medical interventions for cardiovascular disease can range from emergency interventions to surgical procedures to pharmacological treatments: in Canada, medications for the cardiovascular system held over 3 percent of the sales share for patented drugs. However, the good news is that, in 2020, only 191 out of 100,000 Canadians died from major cardiovascular diseases. In 2000, the death rate stood at over 247 deaths per 100,000.

Your donation will make a difference. It will help the VPACH at St. Paul's Hospital with the continuous research, and by acquiring new technology that will improve the life of those who suffer from heart disease in our community and around the world.

Life saving research does not only improve the lives for those who suffer with heart abnormalities but also helps their families as well, to keep their loved ones alive longer, as "A man's true wealth is the good he [she] does in this world."

We would love your support. Please make a donation today!


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