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In Celebration of Bowen Jake Houle's Birth

Hi Everyone,

The birth of Tanis and Randy’s son Bowen was quite the journey. It all started in the middle of August when Tanis began having difficulties breathing and an increased heart rate. A trip to the maternity clinic in Penticton and subsequent ER visit revealed that she had a deep vein blood clot in her groin and likely clots in the lungs that were causing the right side of her heart to work too hard. Given that she was 37 weeks pregnant and the complexity of the care required moving forward, she was flown to St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver after two days in the Penticton maternity ward.

Upon arrival at St. Paul’s, she spent a day in the maternity care ward before being sent to the Cardiac Intensive Care unit due to the significant stress on her heart. She was given an IV drip line for blood thinners and an arterial line to monitor blood pressure closely. After a few days, her resting heart rate dropped from 130 to 100, oxygen levels improved and the stress on her heart began to improve. After a total of 9 days in the Cardiac ICU, she was moved back to the maternity ward where she gave birth via C section to Bowen Jake Houle.

Tanis is now recovering well, and Bowen is as happy and healthy as can be. He is a very hungry boy who is feeding like crazy. Post-surgery scans of the heart has shown that Tanis’s heart is continuing to improve significantly.

Throughout her care, Tanis was followed by the Hematology/Thrombosis department, Cardiology, Anesthesiology and Obstetrics. They met on several occasions to plan the best path forward for the health of Tanis and the baby.

The reason for setting up this page is to ask friends, family, co-workers and anyone else willing to donate to the St. Paul’s foundation. It is an incredible place with knowledgeable and caring staff. Without them providing such excellent care for Tanis, we don’t know where we’d be. They serve moms and families throughout British Columbia.

Donating to the Cardiac team as part of the St. Paul’s foundation will help the hospital purchase the latest in lifesaving technologies, attract the brightest medical minds, provide inspired care to hundreds of thousands of patients every year and develop world-leading advances in research and medical teaching that benefit many more.

Thank you again to Dr. Kelly and the obstetrics team as well as all the other departments that assisted Tanis and brought Bowen safely into this world.

Instead of a baby gift, please donate if you can.
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