Host Your Own Fundraising Event

Organize a fundraising event that is fun and meaningful to you, while building community spirit and raising urgently needed funds and awareness for St. Paul's Foundation!

St. Paul's Foundation relies on the support of the community to help fund our greatest needs, which include; urgently needed equipment, life-saving research, items and services that are not essential for patients and residents, and community programs, which would otherwise not be funded through traditional channels. The funds you raise can be directed to our area of greatest need, or they can be designated to a priority area of your choice.

No matter what type or size of event you choose to organize, garage sales, barbeques, donations in lieu of birthday gifts, dinner parties, golf tournaments, bake sales, galas, music concerts, weddings, or car washes every little bit makes difference.

We would love to hear what you are planning before your event begins. We can help ensure your amazing idea is successful. Please fill out our online application form before you begin your planning so that we can best assist you.

Our Third Party Fundraising Tool Kit will also provide you with the tools, resources and information you’ll need to plan and host a successful event.

Questions? Please contact Amanda Oldershaw Phone: 604-806-8273 Email: