Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in It’s Happening?

It’s Happening! is an internal campaign designed for St. Paul’s Staff. To participate, visit online, drop by the St. Paul’s Foundation office in St. Paul’s Hospital at Room 178 Burrard Level 1, or call us at 604-682-8206!

You can give cash, cheque, credit or through payroll deduction.

For more information on New St. Paul’s, please visit:

Does it matter how I make my gift?

No! You can give online, call the Foundation or visit our office in the hospital to make a donation.

Does it matter how much I give?

No! We have great options for recognition at varying levels of giving. If you are interested in the types of recognition, please visit “Your Legacy” on the It’s Happening Home Page.

How long do I have to make my contribution/donation?

Gifts are varying dependent on donors wishes. We are encouraging staff to commit to a 5 year pledge to It’s Happening!

Do I have to make a 5 year pledge?

No! But your money will go further if you make a 5 year pledge. $200 per year for 5 years will get your name on the donor wall for total giving of $1000. That’s only $16.60 per month!

I give to Lights of Hope already; will that count towards It’s Happening?

Yes! As long as a portion of your gift is towards New St. Paul’s, gifts made for the duration of a 5 year pledge will count towards your total gift amount.

Can I give as an individual or a group?

You can give as an individual or a group!

What is the timeframe for me to give?

February 15th, 2019 to December 31st, 2020

Are there tools to help me inspire my department to give as a group?

Yes! Please advise your department visit to view our online booklet outlining why to give to New St. Paul’s.

Where does the money raised through It’s Happening go?

100% of the money donated to It’s Happening will be going to the building of New St. Paul’s!

When will the Family Wall be unveiled?

The family wall will be unveiled in the existing St. Paul’s Hospital in Fall 2019.

My donation will not process/I’m getting a declined error.

Please ensure that the address you have entered matches the address associated with the credit card being used. There is an address verification security feature enabled for your protection against credit card fraud. If the addresses do not match, the transaction will not be processed.

My donation is showing as BB St. Paul’s Hospital Mississauga on my credit card statement. Is that correct?

Yes. Our credit card payment processor is located in Mississauga Ontario.